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Crystal healing therapy involves placing gemstones on and around the body to draw out negative energy.   Just like people, every type of Crystal has it's own Healing Properties, then each individual Crystal has it's own unique personality.  When I am asked to select Crystals for a Healing Session or for a Distance Reiki Session, I research Crystal Healing Properties before choosing intuitively which specific Crystals will be participating.

During a Crystal Healing Session, I place Crystals on the major Chakras of the body, I may also place additional Crystals on specific sites when there is the requirement for extra support.   I will charge up each Crystal individually with Universal Energy / Unconditional Love and then I will hold the space and allow the Crystals to work their magic.


I also create Crystal Grids to send healing to clients during Distance Reiki Sessions, choosing and combining Crystals for their unique properties to enhance the session.

When Crystals are combined in a Crystal Grid, their energy and properties are enhanced and they create a Vortex of Energy.

I now offer Custom Crystal Grid Pictures which are the perfect, unique and very individual present for a special occasion.   Prices start at £30 + postage, please contact me to discuss your requirements.

If you have any Crystal related question, please get in touch..

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Crystal Healing Training from Feel Good Therapies Ltd.
Crystal Healing - Level 1 Course, completed March 2011
Crystal Healing - Level 2 Course, completed March 2012

As featured on BBC Scotland's The Social! 


BBC The Social is a digital content stream featuring creative young people from all over Scotland.   Doing this film has allowed me to showcase  one of the therapies I offerand share it with a wider audience.

Crystal Grid Pictures

Crystal Grid Kits

Crystal Grid Kits

Crystal Grids are a lovely way to personalise how you work with your Crystals and allow them to help you manifest!

There are 2 sizes of kits available - A5 & A6, each kit is supplied with a set of 6 x Quartz Points, 1 x Quartz Wand and 1 x Tumblestone (random choice).

A5 = £10 + Postage

A6 = £5 + Postage

Creating & Dedicating a Crystal Grid

  1. Decide the location for the Crystal Grid where it will not be disturbed.

  2. Choose the Crystals to be used – 6 x Clear Quartz Points, 1 x Tumblestone, 1 x Larger Singing Quartz Point Wand.

  3. Cleanse them energetically, with either sunlight, moonlight, smoke, pure sound tone, reiki or other energy healing modality. Ask for them to be cleared of any negative energy and ask that they help with the Grid you are about to Create. (All Crystals have been energetically cleared with Reiki Universal Energy and Unconditional Love before they are posted.)

  4. Set the Intention – write it down on a piece of paper to go under the central Crystal.

  5. Position the 6 x Clear Quartz Points on the Pattern, pointing inwards to direct the energy to the Intention (eg for a person) or outwards to direct the energy from the Intention out to the world (eg for space clearing or earth healing).

  6. Place the central Tumblestone in the middle of the Grid with the Intention underneath it.

  7. Take the Larger Singing Quartz Point Wand in your hand and take a minute to allow your energy to blend with the energy of the Quartz. Take several full complete breaths, thinking about the energy of the earth coming up from your feet through your body, up to your head, then out from your heart to your hands.   

  8. Point the Singing Quartz Point Wand at the Central Tumblestone and imagine the energy of your earth leaving your hand through the Wand, visualising the Intention of the Crystal Grid, then saying aloud: “I program this Crystal Grid for the Highest and Best Intention of………..”. Then using the Wand energetically join up all the Crystals in the Grid to the Central Tumblestone, then to join up the outside of the Circle.

  9. Thank the Singing Quartz Point Wand and the Crystal Grid.

  10. Leave to work it’s magic…!

  11. Spend time daily with your Crystal Grid to reinforce your affirmation.

Crystal Grids for Distance Reiki Sessions:-


Odyssee Du Larimar

Larimar Odyssey

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