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Testimonials from clients...

I went into my Reiki session with Anne skeptical but open-minded. I didn't make an expectation that anything would happen, but I assumed that it was possible.

Once I was laying down on the table and eyes closed, I began to feel unfamiliar sensations in my head and face that felt a little like my body was being coaxed to relax. When this feeling reached my jaw, it fell slack so suddenly that it really surprised me and turned me onto the reality of what was happening to me. I remember feeling a lot of tension in my left arm and trying to find a comfortable position for it, guided by a kind of vibration that I felt was being 'tuned' by the crystal I held. At some point, I must have fallen asleep and I when I awoke, my whole body felt as if I had received a very deep massage.

I have felt the after-effects - both physical and psychical - ever since. An unforgettable healing experience.

Had a long distance (Scotland-Australia) REIKI & THETA HEALING Session with a supportive Crystal Grid to help me deal with my current situation and to quieten my mind and anxiety... slept like a baby for 12 hours last night and am at peace today. Absolutely recommend Anne Sullivan and her healing techniques 💕💕💕


I loved my online crystal healing session with Anne. It helped me to release and transform my energy field with so much love. Anne has a very special gift which is holding safe space and making you feel divinely guided.

Thank you so much Anne

I have had many sessions with Anne, she is kind, gentle, intuitive and provides an incredible service
Be it with reiki, crystal therapy or theta healing
I recommend her highly to all ♥️

A Wonderful warm and beautiful lady who radiates healing... Genuine and guided to offer you a unique and enlightening experience xx

"I participated in several distance Reiki sessions from Anne at Larimar Odyssey. Not only did I feel better after each session, the guided information she provided afterward kept me filled with joy for days! I'm a healer myself, and sometimes we just need a pick-me-up from all the energy work we do on others.

Anne's meaningful messages helped me tap in to whatever the universe wanted me to know and what I had inadvertently forgotten to hear on my own. I will always be grateful for her loving kindness! I highly recommend Anne in every way!

Love, Angel-Rose Coen,"

I wanted to let everyone know what a great Therapist Anne Sullivan is. 
I've had Reiki treatments from her for a few years now and every time is different depending on what's going on at the time with me! 
Calming the mental and emotional and, from my last treatment , adding clarity. Powerful stuff. 
She listens closely and makes sure she understands what's needed. 
Thank you Anne.

I had a Thetahealing session with Anne and it was amazing! She helped me to connect with my innate healing powers, find my creativity flow and bring more abundance into my immediate daily life. Is it possible this much can happen in one hour? yep. Thank you Anne Sullivan!!! Thank you Creator. This has been great :) hugs


Odyssee Du Larimar

Larimar Odyssey

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