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A Soul's Transition, written in 2013

A Soul’s Transition

I am a Reiki Master – In Training (been attuned, still got case studies to do) and have been living and working with Crystals for many years. I have been channelling Reiki using Crystals to assist over the last couple of years, for family, friends and clients. My Christmas gifts to the family last year were double terminated Crystals, I chose to give my partner’s Granddad a Clear Quartz, which he wore every day. I have previously given him a variety of crystals to help with arthritis, he kept these in his pocket during the day and on his bedside cabinet over night.

Granddad was diagnosed with cancer last summer, he has looked after himself pretty well since his diagnosis, continuing to live on his own & doing all his own cooking & looking after his beloved garden. Granddad celebrated his 90th birthday on Christmas day 2012, the whole family was invited to his party a month later. This party has been Granddad’s raison d’être for the last couple of years!

At the party, it was obvious that Granddad wasn’t as well as hoped, everyone enjoyed the evening, at the end of the meal, there was a photo session with all the family – lots of Globes appeared in the photos. When we said our goodbyes & said that we looked forward to seeing Granddad in Scotland for Easter, he said he wasn’t going to come up from Wales.

That was my first inkling that his health was deteriorating.

Just over two weeks after the party, Granddad was admitted to hospital with a serious infection. I am in close contact with his daughter and messaged her to ask if there was anything I could do to help, like send Granddad some Distance Reiki. I had previously done several sessions with Granddad and he was very open to the energy.

I did a Distance Reiki Session for him, choosing a variety of Crystals to assist me. I asked for Healing, Loving energy to be sent to support him to fight off the infection. I noticed that his energy / aura seemed quite dark, which I attributed to the infection.

The next day I was sent a photo of Granddad sitting up in his hospital bed reporting he felt a lot better after the Distance Reiki Session.

Granddad's Crystal Grid