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A Soul's Transition, written in 2013

A Soul’s Transition

I am a Reiki Master – In Training (been attuned, still got case studies to do) and have been living and working with Crystals for many years. I have been channelling Reiki using Crystals to assist over the last couple of years, for family, friends and clients. My Christmas gifts to the family last year were double terminated Crystals, I chose to give my partner’s Granddad a Clear Quartz, which he wore every day. I have previously given him a variety of crystals to help with arthritis, he kept these in his pocket during the day and on his bedside cabinet over night.

Granddad was diagnosed with cancer last summer, he has looked after himself pretty well since his diagnosis, continuing to live on his own & doing all his own cooking & looking after his beloved garden. Granddad celebrated his 90th birthday on Christmas day 2012, the whole family was invited to his party a month later. This party has been Granddad’s raison d’être for the last couple of years!

At the party, it was obvious that Granddad wasn’t as well as hoped, everyone enjoyed the evening, at the end of the meal, there was a photo session with all the family – lots of Globes appeared in the photos. When we said our goodbyes & said that we looked forward to seeing Granddad in Scotland for Easter, he said he wasn’t going to come up from Wales.

That was my first inkling that his health was deteriorating.

Just over two weeks after the party, Granddad was admitted to hospital with a serious infection. I am in close contact with his daughter and messaged her to ask if there was anything I could do to help, like send Granddad some Distance Reiki. I had previously done several sessions with Granddad and he was very open to the energy.

I did a Distance Reiki Session for him, choosing a variety of Crystals to assist me. I asked for Healing, Loving energy to be sent to support him to fight off the infection. I noticed that his energy / aura seemed quite dark, which I attributed to the infection.

The next day I was sent a photo of Granddad sitting up in his hospital bed reporting he felt a lot better after the Distance Reiki Session.

Granddad's Crystal Grid

L-R: Smokey Quartz Point, Tigers Eye with Red & Poppy Jasper, Carnelian with Sunstones, Amber with Citrine point , Rose Quartz with more Rose Quartz, Green Calcite with Emerald, Celestite with Blue Lace Agate, Dark Amethyst Cluster with Dark Amethysts, Light Amethyst Cluster with Chevron Amethysts. Selenite Wand.

I sent Granddad Distance Reiki every 2 or 3 days and the day after a session Granddad was always better, not feeling as much pain and sleeping better. His nurses commented that they were surprised he was not in more pain.

In the second session, Granddad gave me a lovely memory – of me doing a Reiki session with him last Easter when he was up to stay with family. In the sunshine, on Inchtavannach – a holy island on Loch Lomond, where monks used to live and preach.

During the third session, I got a distinct message for his daughter – He knows how sad you will be when he passes, but he is also looking forward to meeting the souls he has missed over the last few years!

I noticed that his energy was definitely getting lighter and changing colour. It started as very dark red and had lightened to dark orange. During the next session I saw gold and yellow rays of sunshine. I started thinking that this was his energy clearing as his soul prepared to leave this life for the next.

I had previously done a little bit of research into Soul Midwives & knew that there are things that can be done to ease a Soul’s transition from this life to spirit. Clearing of energies, addressing any issues that might have been lingering, making the person comfortable with the next stage of their journey.

I had an Amethyst Cluster sent down to go on Granddad’s bedside table and took the opportunity to get Apache Tears (Smokey Obsidian) and Rose Quartz tumblestones for each member of the family. I charged and programmed the Amethyst Cluster using Distance Reiki and it was placed beside him where it’s energy could help.

The next day Granddad had deteriorated a lot and the family members were summoned from Scotland to go down to Wales to say their goodbyes. This was a rushed journey made safely and I am grateful to the people who supported Granddad and the travellers during their journey – good wishes, Reiki and prayers helped keep the traffic clear.

I sent a piece of Selenite with my partner to add to the Crystals on Granddad’s bedside table, alongside the Amethyst Cluster and a piece each of Rose Quartz and Apache Tears. These were programmed to protect Granddad’s energy and support his energy, the Selenite was to help bring pure white light energy.

Over the next two days, the colour of Granddad’s Aura changed again through pink and green and blue to purple. I knew from the family that the time for his transition was getting near.

I knew that Granddad realised that his family all had to come to see him to say their goodbyes, all his children managed to make that journey. I could feel that he had been holding on to let this happen. I sensed that he was surrounded by spirits and angels waiting to help him when he made the transition into spirit.

Those were tear filled sessions, full of emotion, but not sad - Granddad had lived a full and active life!

My final Distance Reiki session for Granddad was about midnight on the Sunday night, I was almost blinded by the intense pure white light that surrounded him. I knew then that his time was very close and said my goodbyes.

The next morning I hadn’t had any news (mobile reception in Wales isn’t the best!) so I planned to go to work as normal. When I got to my car, the battery was completely dead, I was considering getting the bus, but decided to go home first and phone the landline in Wales to get an update.

That was when I found out that Granddad had passed away about 1.30am, very peacefully holding the hands of one of his sons and his daughter. His daughter said that she was aware there were spirits with them as he made the transition into spirit.

The next day I put together another Crystal Grid, charged with Reiki, this one was for all the family members whose lives were touched by the loss of Granddad. As I was naming all the people the Grid was to help, I included Granddad to help his adjustment to being in spirit – I got a real sense that he was with me!

Rose Quartz Generator Point, Pink Selenite piece, Green Apophyllite Cluster, surrounded by Selenite pieces with Smokey Quartz Tumblestones at their ends, with a Smokey Quartz Point, Black Tourmaline Point and Hematite Tumblestones.

I went to Wales for the funeral and did Reiki sessions with several members of the family the night before, to settle nerves and help them communicate about their loss.

It’s now a couple of weeks after the funeral and I feel very serene, this has been a very profound step in my journey with Reiki and Crystals. I feel honoured to have been able to assist someone’s transition to spirit.


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